Official file with map of the Linas-Monthléry autodrome expansion project – 1952

Official file with map of Monthléry autodrome expansion project – 1952

  1. Schematic layout with curves and gradients for the Linas-Monthléry Autodrome

Size: 28 x 45.5 cm
Date: 04/01/1925

2. UTAC map of the Linas-Monthléry Autodrome, with longitudinal profile and distances for each sector

Size: 19 x 31 cm

3. Letter sent by the Head of the Linas-Monthléry Autodrome Department, Mr A. Peix, to the President of the A.I.C.P. Ing. Bacciagaluppi in Monza

Size: 21 x 29 cm
Date: 13/03/1952

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